im blind...again

took the accordian blinds down and got the curtains up.....finally. it tooke me a while to figure out a way to make the rods look industrial, $40 later........

.....and the finished product


we had a strange day today. nothing specifically "weird" happened. it was just one of those days where we all walked around kind of out of it. the kids were super giggly and goofy too. i found them outside today just sitting against the pole. axle put his wicket costume on and was just chillin, staring off into space...

then later, harley decided she wanted to get dressed but she didnt want my help. 

kids are weird.


lizard has been found!!! he was in the folds of harleys backpack! i was about ready to call ikea and have them mail me 10. whew!

bus ted

i was going to make harley legwarmers but after i finished the one, i just didnt feel like doing the other. i need to, she loves the thing. and it is super cute, if i do say so myself.

we went on a bus ride today. axle woke me up already dressed wearing some weird outfit with his backpack on. 
he and seamus had a blast! harley had a good time too. she lost lizard at the park, lizard is axles softy rat. so we drove back to look for him, but he was gone. some little schneider took him. 
harley kept begging me on the way home to be held. i told her no over and over again. tonight when i was getting her ready for bed, i saw that the skin on her heals is all raw and blistered from her shoes......poor girl. 
i can hear a zillion frogs outside and a dog barking. its the perfect temp right now and all the windows are open. 

im off to read my bible. i need to get harleys blanket done, its taking me waaaaaay too long 

space walls

i want these:

hotsy totsy

so hot today that axle spent the afternoon soaking himself. harley busied herself trying to hit bugs off the tree with a stick...... she did end up naked after 20 minutes. its supposed to be 83 degrees tomorrow!!

my little (not so) baby boy!!!!!!!!

heres my handsome little man whom i love so very very much!!! Obed Jonathan Djanie-Lowe. hes 5 and sooooo beautiful. as soon as we get our decree in hand, ill be flying to ghana all by my lonesome to go to court to file our i-600 and to give obi thousands of smooches. i really really cant wait. i just so cant wait. how can you love someone sooooo much having only seen a picture? he's all mine! the whole process has been extremely faith building. we dont have the money at all for an adoption but God finishes what he starts and he has been faithful. 

2 sundays ago before church, aaron was writing out a check for our tithe for the month and i told him that i thought maybe we should start giving more. we cant afford it and we already tithe but i just felt that if we gave more, God would meet us and i dont know, my thinking was "if we're so stressed about the money, then lets just give Him more.". Aaron didnt like the idea and so i was about to start trying to manipulate him into seeing things my way, but God stopped me. i told him "nevermind, i dont know why i brought it up. i know you love the Lord and i know you have a desire to serve Him and i totally trust any decision you make for us." aaron said "no, its good you brought it up. maybe its something i need to think about.". he didnt say if he wrote the check out for more or not and i trusted him and didnt ask. we went to church and afterwards a friend came up to us and said she was praying for us during the service and handed me a check. i was embarrassed, so i didnt open it until i got in the car. it was for $200!!! i showed aaron and he gave me a weird look and said "thats how much i raised our tithe". isnt that awesome!!! and if thats not enough in two weeks we've gotten three more checks for a total of $600. its like Gods giving us the money in $200 increments. God is amazing and i love that he lets us see Him work. 

anywhoo ...... I LOVE OBED!!!

im blind!

axles blinds are finally done! here they are:

now i just have to rip out the carpet on his window seat and finish the cushion.