boulder cave

in june we went on a little day trip
first stop: darigold factory

verdict: boring....but the ice cream was good

2 1/2 hours from home...bulder cave.
they had a lot of fun with that little pump

on the mile long walk to the cave

the hike was not so bad.

at the entrance to the cave

reading the rules and starting to panic

very very dark cave

this is still at the entrance

the light at the end

"can we go again mom???? please? please?"



dinner provided by miners on the way home

two front teeth

on to the dentist for a checkup:

not happy.

chillin, watching the movie on the ceiling.

loving it

splish splash splosh

splash park! harley's a big ol' chicken

just a swingin

we just bought the kids their first swingset from some think they like it?

taste of home

obeds little buddy "j" came up with his parents for a few days. obed and j were friends at eban house in ghana (eban house is the name of their orphanage)

the boys' friend seamus (on the right) met us at the park too.

the next day we met up again and watched a hydroplane do some practice runs