father daughter/ mother son

tonight was the father daughter ball. aaron took harley and dropped the boys and i off at the bowling alley where i met up with my friend amy and her son. they wouldnt let us bowl (league stuff gowing on) so the boys played video games.
then we went to hubbys pizza and the boys played at the little play area there and we met up with another friend.
then we loaded up and went to amys, had ice cream and played wii until the ball was over and aaron came to pick us up.
harley was of course adorable, sadly i got zero pics of her. my sis did, so ill post them when i get them.
axle was so into the game (above) he was shouting "yeah, thats right!" "woooo!" "i got ya!" "yes, another booster!". he got 1st place on the game, like 3 times in a row. he and his dad are video game masters.


i walked out into the living and see harley posing like this...."harley, what are you doing?" "um......im the letter A" "oh, well can i take a picture of the letter A?" "sure, thats sounds great!"

here are the events that follow after i whip out the camera:

"im a A"
"im a S"
"im a V"
"hey check out the bowling scores i made"

*flashback* first family photo

yes harley is naked on the bottom half. i dont know why i didnt just run upstairs and get her pants, instead of trying so hard to cover her up with my hand?

the rejects:
axle wont come out from behind dad
now hes pouting and the other two are bored
trying to get him to smile while harley tries to get up
so is harley
kids arent looking
we are done
*notice ferdinand patiently waiting for someone to see his red ball and throw it*

*flashback* play

*flashback* 2nd trip: bring our boy home

taxi view
thats called a tro tro...kind of like our bus
across the street from the hotel
downtown accra. thats our driver seth.
view from outside my door
obed with malaria....after eating twice his body weight in fufu

*flashback* 1st trip: meet obed

my first meeting obed......he did not like me
obed school work
my room
the view from my room
the bathroom, that little garbage is for your toilet paper......cant flush it in ghana
now he likes me
obed on the right
let obed play with my camera
first time in a pool
thought the depth was the same as the stairs the whole way out
and hes ok
view from a taxi
my neighbors. every moning a woman would yell "how are you" and would repeat it until id say the exact phrase "im fine. how are you" nothing else would do. her "house" was that little roof thing in the center.
where obed slept at eban house
cool tree in accra

back that thing up!

im going to do a little photo rewind to catch everyone up.....starting with my first ghana trip. ill put them in categorized posts so its not too confusing

rainbows make kids crazy

terrible parent

yes....i was too busy laughing and taking pictures to get her stuck little body out of dollys crib. dont worry i felt guilty and apologized shortly after

see, shes o.k.!