the blue park

simply put

tonight was yet another night that i wished the everyday was as extraordinary as my little monkeys see it. ive neeeeeeeevveeerr seen anyone as excited to do the dishes as my two boys were tonight. i told them that daddy and i had decided that they were now old enough to be trusted with this chore. i feel like i shouldve saved it as a reward! they repeatedly asked "can we do them NOW!!?????" geeesh!

doh! nuts!

they were beyond excited this morning. stayed home from church AND sat on the counter AND shook the bag to sugar the donuts, which they also got to devour. in kids amazing sunday.

sissy's new friend

harley loooooved this little girl at the park yesterday and kept referring to her as "hey girl"
so i told her "sis, why dont you ask your new friend her name?"
h- "okay!"

h-"hey girl, who your name is?"
h-"i said, who your name is?"
girl-"oh! nyrobi"
h-"wow! thats weird."



the boys brought me some flowers in a vase

playin dirty

it may be time to clean up the back yard.....

bubble team

mom! stop taking pictures of me, please!

for a walk

look at the hair

....then come home for lunch


ready for fetch
faking an injury
look at harleys face

dirty boy


tinkerbell sparkle gel and lip smackers from christmas

1 fan

ax used to be my picky he'll eat anything.
even quiche. obi and likey

view from the car

cause life

aarons parents invited us to their church to watch the international childrens choir (a group of orphaned children) sing to raise money for cause life. they help provide clean water to those in need. it was really cool.

obed was boooooored!!