domestic campfire

and who's that handsome devil?

dirt devil

"hey obed, you have dirt all over your face."
"really? are you telling me the truth? i dont think i do."
"ok, how about i take a picture of you and then you can look at it and see."
"oh, i do have dirt"

little gymnast

harleys second gymnastics class. excuse the blurry photos, im sitting really far away. i had my zoom at the max.

she LOVES her teacher!!

ta da!

first baseball game

axle decided last minute to play, he was soooo sick. he was really out of it and the sun was in his eyes, which i why he wore my glasses. poor guy
i think i can just let these speak for themselves:

he was doing this weird hip thrust/shake, i wish i had gotten it on camera

boy, was my mom mad that i was trying to get her pic.....just for her, here you go:

and of course miss prissy

obed doing some bizarre dance moves

making friends at every base

see, im not kidding. here he is at second.

good game...good game...good game....good game

homemade baseball practice

the boys' coach told aaron and i different places for practice tonight. we check at both with no luck. we had all their gear so we just played ball on our own

on the way back to the car, i let harley carry the bat. she says "hey mom look, im an old lady!"

tiny terror

the kids found a "mr. wolfie" (thats what they call wolf spiders) this morning munchin on a fly. they were morbidly curious and watched the spider intil it dropped the fly. they were excited to see that mr. wolfie had let the poor fly go, only to have mommy check it out and say "um, no guys. the fly is dead. mr. wolfie just sucked all its guts out. see the fly's little booty is empty and mr. wolfie doesnt like the crunchy body parts".

ice cream

obed is always the one concerned with the camera