for the first time since ghana. i went back and read through all my posts. i thought there were a few things to clarify:

something you should know before reading further.......i rarely spellcheck and even less frequently proof read. i dont have the patience. i had no time or energy to do so in ghana anyways! so if you read those posts, prepare to be distracted and confused.

i did not at all describe things acurately. i left out sooooo much pertinent info when describing my experience in ghana. for example, when i describe our trip to elmina hospital, i said nothing about having to carry obed on my back in the rain for an hour and a half there and back. i said nothing of the types of sickness we were snuggled in with or the def man whos only way of communicating were LARGE hand and leg and full body movements along with screams and moans. very scary to obed (and me). that whole experience was a horrible nightmare.

i was not and am not able to include pics or info about other children. a biiiiig part of our trip!

i would really like in the next week to sit down and add what was left out (and maybe fix typos).

im too tired to do it now.

stink bomb

im real sorry to anyone who's checked this since we've been home! im soooo bad about this kind of stuff. Here are pics of us coming home from 34 hours of travel. Saying "travel" reeeeeeally feels like the wrong word to describe our trip home. Traveling with a 5 year old who has malaria and skin so dry it was raw (in the worst possible place), who is for the first time ever, in a place filled with white people, was not the funnest event in my life.......and then again when i think about it, it kinda was. I hope i never forget the panic/ fear/ curiosity over the Amsterdam airport. the biggest source of fear was of course "the escalator". I was so incredibly happy to be back in america! I remember feeling relieved that if obeds malaria got worse we could go to a "trustworthy" hospital and see an english speaking doctor. not speaking the your physicians language definitely makes things scarier at the hospital. I was so utterly exhausted aaaaand 12 pounds lighter when we landed in t.c. Obed seemed tired and over stimulated. Axle was so nervous, he hid under the chairs. and harley was just harley. aaron was such a relief to see. i missed him pretty much from day 0. enough talking, heres the photos:

fine chicken

My mom surprised the kids and brought over some chickens that she bought at a garage sale.
wouldnt it be sweet to just have chicken chillin in your house, litter box trained chickens.....of course!

She got herself dressed cause i said sh had to wear a shirt to play outside with the boys.