bus ted

i was going to make harley legwarmers but after i finished the one, i just didnt feel like doing the other. i need to, she loves the thing. and it is super cute, if i do say so myself.

we went on a bus ride today. axle woke me up already dressed wearing some weird outfit with his backpack on. 
he and seamus had a blast! harley had a good time too. she lost lizard at the park, lizard is axles softy rat. so we drove back to look for him, but he was gone. some little schneider took him. 
harley kept begging me on the way home to be held. i told her no over and over again. tonight when i was getting her ready for bed, i saw that the skin on her heals is all raw and blistered from her shoes......poor girl. 
i can hear a zillion frogs outside and a dog barking. its the perfect temp right now and all the windows are open. 

im off to read my bible. i need to get harleys blanket done, its taking me waaaaaay too long