boiled poo

of everything ive smelled and seen in ghana, fufu is by far the worst. its obeds favorite food! sorry buddy! say goodbye to fufu. the restaurant here did not open until 7 and when we got there, all they had were weird "foreign dishes" i asked if they had anything more "local" and the server said "yes, like fufu?" and i said "perfect!". we waited.......and waited......and waited. here it comes. uuuuuuggghhh! i can not accurately explain the senses i experienced! Obed was THRILLED! "one fo you, an one fo me.". trying to be a good sport, i wash my right hand in the dish and pinch off a piece, dip it in the soup and eat it. it smelled like horse fart (yes, i have smelled horse fart, i grew up in finley), im not kidding....just like horse fart. and tasted like gelatinous sweet and salty cream of wheat with a hint of potting soil. obed DEVOURED it in record time! then he went for the the pig hooves, i think they were. "crunch, crunch, crunch!" i came this close to puking, im not even kidding. ick!!!!! i was nauseas for the next three hours. obed had the smell on him.
gotta go, obeds demanding attention by being naughty.