I had a great sleep. Obed slept almost ten hours. We got up and everyone (except me) had breakfast, then we went over to eban to take Kendi back and to see if we could hitch a ride to the hospital for kami’s girls. I told an auntie how long Obed slept and she was shocked. She asked if he was ill. I told her he was, but that he was on an anti malarial. Right then he comes up to me and says he wants to go to sleep. Instead he just puked, and puked. All the aunties were feeling his head. I said “he’s not hot, I gave him tylenol.”. Obed was NOT looking good. The aunties all wanted me to have him seen. When we arrived at the hospital (which was quite a drive away), we had to wait maybe 2 hours for all 5 kids to be seen. The doc wanted Obed tested for malaria (not like the “touch your forehead test” from the other hospital) and yes, this is a blood test. Yaaaaaayyyy! So, in Ghana they don’t really tell you what’s going on, they just do and you go where they point you. The poke his finger for a smear test (the most accurate way to diagnose malaria) and tell us to wait 15 min. by the way, Obed FREAKED! More than any kid I’ve ever seen. Boy was he maaaaaad at me. Staring at me with evil eyes! We spent the next twenty minutes waiting while Obed glared at me from a distance. Then Abby (one of the aunties) told me he needed a shot. Double yaaaaay! We take him in and they are prepping the needle right in front of him. He starts crying (a big no no for a child his age here), which progresses into a more physical display of disapproval and then to an all out yell. The nurse had me and Abigail hold him down, this kids is freakishly strong. We had a really hard time. He was screaming screaming screaming!! I've never ever seen a kid so freaked out. The nurses were a little angry and Abigail was kind of shocked. We absolutely could not hold his butt completely still for the shot. He knew that that was where he was getting it so he was flexing and unflexng and moovin that little tush everywhere to get away. The nurse ended up pricking him more than once, because she couldn’t really get the needle in there. Abigail said she had never seen any of the kids act that way, even the little ones. Obeds kind of wild. He’s used to being alone and not interacting or being messed with. I get him
Anyways, when we get to the car Abigail tells me that he doesn’t just have malaria, he has malaria plus. She said that is pretty bad. There are three levels which get progressively worse. You can die from all three. Malaria plus plus can make you lose blood somehow and malaria plus seems to be a pretty big deal because. When she told Daniel, he got all serious. All the aunties were pretty serious about it too, I must’ve looked worried cause Joha was like “don’t worry, he has had a shot. He should feel much betta very soon.”. I LOVE Joha! The guy is soooooo nice! We talked for a while and then kami and I were going to “the ultimate” for lunch and asked the girls and Obed if they wanted to come. They all said yes and then Obed and Sylvia decided to stay. So kami and I went with Evelyn. I had fries!!!!!! Yummy yummy fries!!!! A little bit “fishy” but who cares!
We went back and got the kids. I decided a couple days ago that I would get Obed a haircut before we got home, so that I can check for and if needed treat ringworm. So we stopped at a shop in front of eban and asked for a cut “very short” it was 2 cedis. Obed was sooooo proud! He sat up straight and totally straight faced. For the first time, he was looking at me for approval. I would smile real big and he’d give a very little smirk and quickly look away. This happened a bunch. They relaxed his hair with some cream relaxer (which takes FOREVER) then washed it out and said “finish”. Apparently they thought “I want it cut really short” meant “brush it and wash it”. Oh well, Obed was giddy. When we came back to get him tonight, it was like a whole new Obed. Whatever they gave him at the hospital is already working I think.
Evelyn has malaria too, but they gave her suppositories. I thought “poor kami, has to give her suppositories?”. She had already given kendi had seem kami do this the night before. Anyways Evelyn was whining, holding the box of suppositories saying “mommy, I want you do this”. Whining and whining. We were laughing. It was weird! So finally kames like “okay okay just a sec.” “noooooooo mooooommy eeeeeehhh uuuuhhhh!”. So kami goes in the bathroom with the girls. Next thing I see is the bathroom door open and a little Evelyn with a smile ear to ear skipping out giggling. She kept grabbing her tush and laughing. Soooo weird! Even funnier, like an hour later I think it started to burn cause she was grabbing her tush a gain, only this time she said “mommy I want you to remove it”. Ooooohhh it was soooo funny!
I’m going to bed now. I need to remember to write about the poo


We are Grateful!!! said...

Gosh, I had no idea you all were dealing with so much (sickness and screaming!) How are you feeling? I can't wait to hear more of your trip. Is Obed getting settled now that your home? Thanks for the posts...they make me laugh! Blessings, T