father daughter/ mother son

tonight was the father daughter ball. aaron took harley and dropped the boys and i off at the bowling alley where i met up with my friend amy and her son. they wouldnt let us bowl (league stuff gowing on) so the boys played video games.
then we went to hubbys pizza and the boys played at the little play area there and we met up with another friend.
then we loaded up and went to amys, had ice cream and played wii until the ball was over and aaron came to pick us up.
harley was of course adorable, sadly i got zero pics of her. my sis did, so ill post them when i get them.
axle was so into the game (above) he was shouting "yeah, thats right!" "woooo!" "i got ya!" "yes, another booster!". he got 1st place on the game, like 3 times in a row. he and his dad are video game masters.