thats boys for ya

obed, being the little sweetness he is, meticulously writes out the word "cat"
as soon as he's not paying attention axle comes along and spells his favorite word (see above photo)

heres the convo surrounding the "cat poop" discovery:

aaron-"melissa, did you see this?"
me-"who wrote that?"
a-"well, i know obed wrote cat, but it mustve been axle that wrote poop." "axle, did you write this?"
ax-(looking all around the room and everywhere but the paper in aarons hand "huh? what? write what?"
a-"this right here, did you write poop"
ax-"oh! that? poop? oh, yeah i guess i did write it"
a- "you know thats not ok?"
ax-"oh, yeah. sorry. hey mom can i have another burrito?"

hes smooth....and naughty......and has his moms sense of humor