on monday we were getting ready to head to a friends and axle says "mom, im not feeling good. i think we should start going to bed earlier. i didnt get enough sleep"
"ok, well go sit on the couch for now and ill make you somthing to eat. maybe your tummy needs food"
when i look back, hes all pale and breathing weird like he does before he barfs. "whoa, axle. do you need a bowl?"
he gets up and walks to the kitchen as im running for a bowl.
poor little compassionate harley walks up to him and says "axle, are you o.k.?"
seriously, before shes even done with the last word axle vomits straight into her face, in her mouth, in her hair, all over her!
he runs to the sink to finish barfing, harley is gagging and  trying to puke. obeds yelling "mom, ferdie is trying to eat da puke!"
i run harley upstairs to the bathtub to clean her off. unfortunately, axle had eaten cheese the night before. he vomitted the majority of it onto harleys hair. you know how if you wash a dish with cheese on it in hot water, the cheese is.....sticky? um yeah, it did that in harleys hair.............would    not    come   out!
when i got done cleaning harley up as best i could, i came downstairs to find that axle had also puked all over the dogs back, the cabinets, the dishwasher, floor, everywhere.

aaron came home at 3, sick. he went up to bed.

axles puking lasted about 12 hours. i let him stay up till 1 a.m. (hed napped most of the day and wasnt tired). we layed out on the couch and watched meerkat manor, then went and slept next to each other in the living room.


i wont even go into what happened with poor little harley the next day. soo sad.

well, thankfuly we are all feeling good! tomorrow starts the first day of homeschool!