It’s 1 a.m. T.C. time. I’m in Amsterdam at the airport, where it’s around 10 a.m.. I landed at 9 from my 9½ our flight. TORTURE!!! I know a lot of people love the direct flight, but I just cannot handle it!!! I go nuts and I get real sick after about 7 hours! Plus I always end up sitting next to weird people. This flight, the person assigned to sit next to me didn’t show so I thought I’d have two whole seats to myself……..nope! The people sitting behind me were both wanting isle seats, so the flight attendant solved the probe by sticking the very opinionated Dutch man (with no concept of hygiene or awareness of food etiquette) next to me. He passed time by telling me how stupid Americans were (throwing in a lot of “s” bombs), how the “blacks” are all over Amsterdam, and ripping raunchy toots. If you know me, you will see why it was such torture. The flight from Pasco was odd too but it was so short I didn’t care. I’m sitting in a HUGE McDonalds on the upper level, watching people walk around down below. Amsterdam restaurants are all about eggs, sausage, and gouda….I had no choice but Mickey d’s.
I’m bored…this is my 6 hour layover. I miss Obed. I can’t wait to see him. I love looking at all the stuff around here. Lots of chocolate and tulips. Um um um. Not really much else to write. I’m just killing time. I guess I could go walk around again. The euro exchange rate has changed since last time I was here. 1 euro is equal to 1.50 now! My happy meal was 4.25 Euros! Better than an egg, cucumber, gouda and butter sandwich for 12.50 Euros! It’s 50 degrees F here! Coooold.
o.k. bye!


The Connerly's said...

mmm...cucumbers and butter...