slumber party

I’m in Ghana!!!! I got here last night. It had been raining all day when I arrived and when it’s raining, the traffic is nuts!!! It took two hours to get to my hotel. I had to wait in the lobby for 30 minutes because the front desk told me that there was an “insect” in my room. What kind of insect??? Nothing works in my room. I told the desk and supposedly they can fix it all….we’ll see. Nothing like an ice cold shower in the morning. There was the most disturbing commercial on last night. This hugely buff man, who was all greased up, running down the beach in slow mo. He stops to take a slow motion drink out of a dewy juice box. It was a “sexy” juice box commercial. Then it shows “wealthy” Ghanaians at a board meeting all sucking out of them. Weird. I couldn’t get my video camera out in time. Dang!
I’m leaving for eban in a minute. I set my alarm for 8, but I was just tooooooo tired. Hopefully I can find it. My driver, Daniel took my by the new place this morning, but it was real dark and raining so….. I’ll try and post again tonight. Aaron got a laptop for me to use before I left, so I will be writing everything ahead of time and posting it when I can get access


Kristin Jag said...

So excited to see that you are there! I almost deleted your email to view your site b/c I forgot your were Harry Larry!!Too funny!! ;) you make me laugh!! Anyway, I hope it stops raining and you can be on your way now. Where are you staying this time? Dutch hotel again? We had the worst luck with our room there!

Amy said...

Hope you're having a blast! Enjoy yourself and can't wait to see you sometime soon. Praying for you.

The Vickerman's said...

YEAH!! You're there! We are so happy for you and are praying for a great time learning more about your son's country and a safe return home! Keep up the blogging - i'll be checking everyday! :):)