i want a casa mia pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"deya lode jesus
gratin fattin
com to ah tabo
an bwed dis food
inyo nam i pwey
obeds prayer before eetin. obed wants a new name in america. i asked what new name do you want? he says he wants to be called daddy.
he is feeling muuuuuuch better. i got him to take some tylenol.....finally! if he can do it himself, hes good. he swallowed his pills himself too.
today we went to global mammas in cape coast................loved it!
i asked the driver to stop for lunch. he asked "whey do you wan to stope" i said "you choose.". OOPS! uh, i didnt eat. to call this shop unsanitary would be a major understatement. obed was all but drooling. how do they not get food poisoning? well......there was a funeral going on in front of the stop, so maybe they do? we were in an alley deep in cape coast town. by alley i mean like you see on tv when the old dude is in a third world country asking you to sponsor a child. it was like that kind of alley. im not making fun, im serious. it was sad. one really old lady got excited like a child when she saw me. waving and telling the other ladies while pointing at me. sitting in someone house entry obed happily ate, bobbing his head with the funeral procession music. obed got rice, black eyed peas (i think they were) and and egg. hard boiled, but it did not look right. oh and of course shito. he choooowed!! i just cannot understand where he puts it?
i got some totally sweet stuff at global mammas...thank you kristin! obed picked a green batik shirt with a cow on it.
the funerals here are like something i would pay in america to see. they dance and play instrument on the street in one big crowd of people dresses in black with red accenting peices. they sing like a weel rehearsed choir. this dirty meal and beautiful funeral procession will never be forgotten. one of the highlight moments of my life. seeing obed as happy as can be, eating what i wouldnt feed my dog. our elderly cabbie washing obeds hands and the whole alley dancing. it was very real. very humbling. i wanted to tape it but i thought that it would be dissrespectful. im sure they wouldve let me. please lord dont let me forget today!
obed wants a large drum, real bad! theres a rasta dude down the road who sells them. hes outside playing every night and as soon as we get up there, obed loses his nerve. "i don want to go.".
this post is for earlier this morning:
i took obed to the hospital this morning. he woke up at 4 a.m. reeeeeally hot. his skin was burning. i couldnt get him to take tylenol. so i took him to the hospital. it was not what i expected. we are in elmina, a small town, outside of cape coast. so it was a small and very dirty building with no walls. it cost 2 cedi to see the doctor. he was weighed and his temp was taken then we moved like cattle and one by one we all did the same things. when it was obeds turn to see the doc, she touched his head and gave him anti-malarial medication.
i have seeeen soooooo muuuuuch soooooccer thiiiis weeeek!!! we have 5 channels and two are only soccer. i didnt even know usa had a team. i had a dream during my ten minutes of sleep last night that i was a totally amazing soccer player! oh yeah right
we are going back to accra tomorrow. i got a hold of our driver. things are looking up!


The Vickerman's said...

Sooo glad things are lookin up - still praying for you guys:)

thanks for keeping us updated on how things are going

Deborah said...

I'm reading your posts backwards, like I do magazines, so I know that Obed gets worse and then gets better, but boy, are you amazing! You are so brave. I am so glad that you saw and felt part of life there. I feel like my brother and I did too, on our February trip. I prayed the same prayer, "Lord, help me never to forget."