obed and i were a little bored tonight, so we went to the hotel restaurant for some sweets. we shared a coke and got ice cream (8 cedi each!). obed scarfed (as usual) and got a major brain freeze! oh it was soooo funny, but i couldnt laugh, poor guy. anywhoo, now obed officially does not like ice cream. for the first time since landing in ghana, im not hungry.


Kristin Jag said...

I hope Obed(Daddy) is feeling better now. What sports you both are! Glad you had fun at Global Mamas and the sites yesterday. I, too, hated the haggling with EVERYTHING and made Daron do it most of the time. I had to do it when I traveled myself, but I HATE it! Can't wait to get you back to WA and hopefully get together this summer!