Obed and I went to Osu today. I didn’t shop, didn’t feel like it by the time I got there. Our driver was Seth. The same guy we had last time. He drove us around trying to find a prepaid international card. Got one at the fourth place. When I asked the lady “how many minutes?” she said “eh” and then shoed me off. So I got an international calling card with eh minutes. I got Obed a pair of shoes. He is beyond excited about having his “own” shoes. He showed EVERYONE at Eban. I took them back to the hotel with me. I bought all the staff dinner from “the ultimate”. Tomorrow is Obed's going away celebration, then we leave for cape coast. I’m so hoping it isn’t crowded there. I also need to stop at a grocery store. I hope there is one on the way. Obed bawled when I left today. I keep thinking of a way to describe him but just can’t figure out the right words. He doesn’t bond very easily. He’s mature, EXTREMELY patient, very affectionate (with me and the aunties only). He’s really smart, he loves to sit and figure things out, including what people say. I really love him. Oh and he is super strong and tuff. That kid can take a fall!
I have eaten 3 energy bars and a handful of rice since Thursday, its Saturday night and I’m about to have my first meal. I’m not too fond of Ghana food. I got rice with “ratatouille”, doesn’t look at all like ratatouille. I think my trip to Osu and the new mall burnt me out. I’m feeling a little homesick. Probably the lack of sleep too. I went to bed at 11 and slept 2 hours…..then fell asleep after my alarm went off at seven. I hope I can sleep tonight. I need to get up early in the morning.
I saw a shop called “patience-fast food” today. Also found out that Obed’s favorite food is jollof rice. I haven’t taken any pics yet!! I just realized this today. I’ve been sooo preoccupied that I forgot! I will bring the video camera tomorrow.
Ok that’s all for tonight. My brain is done.


MICHAEL and AMANDA said...

Wow! What an amazing journey!!! I am so incredibly excited for you and so amazed at how God did all this...I don't know, I think I'm in shock still that you really are in Africa, a whole different continent, and you really are bringing home the child God has always known was going to be your's. What an awesome God we have! You rock! Love ya!