6 mosquito bites

I forgot to mention that on my flight from Amsterdam to Accra, I had THREE SEATS ALL TO MY SELF!!!! I slept for half the flight! I saw my little baby today. He spent 4 hours on my lap and Jukat took over the other 3. Obed is soooo cute…..and very tough. Nobody messes with him. Even the bigger kids. Axle and Obed are going to have a few battles. From what I know of Obed so far, it won’t be too bad. I guess we’ll just have to see. It gets dark here around 6:30, so I left Eban at 6. When I got to my hotel at 6:10-20, I got a lemon fanta and went to my room. Organized my new room……..sat on my bed………looked in out the window. They swapped me cause nothing works in my first room. Although the t.v. doesn’t work in here either, this explains why I’ve killed time taking self-portraits and organizing. I may not get to post this tonight cause the wireless connection isn’t very strong and unconnects every 10 seconds. I just missed Anita when I got to Eban today. And Kamille hadn’t come back when I left. Tomorrow, I plan on taking Obed to Osu for some fun. I haven’t made any plans that are concrete. It all depends on what I think Obed can handle. So if he’s up to it, we’ll go. Obed wants to see his daddy soooo bad! He keeps asking me “where is my daddy?”.
Subject Change:
They have these things in Holland called “sultana” that are surprisingly super delish! They’re like a saltine cracker sandwich with fruit leather middle. I bought a bunch for Ghana!
Back to original subject:
Obed was very curious about my arm hair today. It started to make me feel a little self conscious, so I had to distract him. He calls candy, “taffy”.
It’s 8:46 here and I’m seriously thinking about going to bed. I guess I could read the really horrible book I got before I left……


The Connerly's said...

your arm hair has always bothered me too. i think obed and i will get along well.

Amy said...

Don't make him feel bad because he doesn't have arm hair. You've got most of us beat. (I want to say just kidding so bad, but I won't.)